Join a global network of Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals implementing The Yoga Impact Charity's Evidence Based Trauma Informed Yoga Programs where they're needed most. 


The Yoga Impact Charity teaching team and international alumni run trauma informed yoga programs with refugees, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, first responders, veterans, families of the Defence Force, people in detention and Indigenous People. 


The Yoga Impact Charity offer the following Online and In Person Training Opportunities for Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals:


Following the completion of The Yoga Impact Charity Training you are eligible to join our global teaching team. 

Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals who complete The Yoga Impact Charity 20 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Retreat are eligible to become Yoga Impact Charity Facilitators. 

The Yoga Impact Charity's Evidence Based Methodology is based on an evaluation of its Trauma Informed Yoga Programs conducted by the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors. 


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