Danielle Begg - Co-Founder & CEO
Danielle is passionate about combining yoga and social impact and teaches trauma informed yoga programs, workshops and retreats that fuse Psychology and Yoga. She also an advocate for the inclusion of yoga within health services. She holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) from The University of Queensland and a Master of Science in Comparative Social Policy from The University of Oxford. She also recently completed Harvard Medical School's Global Mental Health Certificate Program.
Katrina Colpo - Director
Katrina is a yoga teacher and communications specialist working in the not for profit sector, currently with Amnesty International. She is passionate about social change and the transformative power of yoga and as a yoga teacher wants to share the benefits of yoga with everyone. Katrina holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the University of Technology, Sydney.
Claire Palmer - Director
Andrew Jennings - Director
Andrew is an Investment Manager in the QIC Global Infrastructure team. He has over 12 years of corporate finance experience. He is the Treasurer and Company Secretary of The Yoga Impact Charity. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Queensland.
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Yoga Teachers + Volunteers  

The Yoga Impact Charity is not just offering a specialised Trauma Informed Yoga Training Program - We're supporting our teachers to make an impact in the world! 


Join our global network of Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers implementing The Yoga Impact Charity's Evidence Based Methodology where it's needed. 


The Yoga Impact Charity hosts 20 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Training Retreats and 8 Hour Workshops for Yoga Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, Settlement Workers and other Health Professionals seeking to incorporate a trauma informed approach to their work.


Following the completion of The Yoga Impact Charity Training or Accessing The Yoga Impact Charity Online Starter Kit, you are eligible to join our global teaching team.


Deb Shaw - Yoga Teacher
Jacqui Hing Hudson - Yoga Teacher
Sangeetha Eswaran - Yoga Teacher
Stephanie Skinner - Yoga Teacher
Harriet Smith - Yoga Teacher
Zainab Jawadi - Yoga Teacher
Tanami Sonter - Psychologist
Katie Ritchie - Partnerships Manager
Jessica Brown - Teaching Assistant
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Kelu Mac - Photographer
Abigail Poulton - Yoga Teacher
Tabitha Acret - Events Manager
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Cof fs Harbour

Naomi Steinborner - Yoga Teacher
Linda Williams - Yoga Teacher
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Fiona Schleussinger - Yoga Teacher
Amanda Owen - Yoga Teacher
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Kristy Mancini - Social Media
Georgie Baker - Sponsorship
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Isabelle Sleurink - Yoga Teacher
Alessandra Large - Yoga Teacher
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Laurien Zurhake - Yoga Teacher
Dr Frauke Kuhn
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Emilia Cianci - Yoga Teacher
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