The Yoga Impact Charity Co-Founder & CEO Danielle Begg offers One Hour Introductory Consultations to Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals interested in applying a Trauma Informed Approach to their work and/or establishing their own program. 

Danielle has taught over 700 trauma informed yoga classes and has spoken about her learnings at a number of conferences globally including the Australasian Yoga Therapy Conference, Yoga Australia Conference, North American Refugee Health Conference and Australia New Zealand Refugee Trauma Conference. She's also led a number of retreats and workshops around the world and is currently a member of the WOKE Yoga Teaching Faculty. Danielle holds a Master of Science from Oxford University and.a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) from The University of Queensland and she has also completed Harvard Medical School's Global Mental Health Certificate. 


The consultation focus may include: 

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma 

  • The Yoga Impact Charity Core Trauma Informed Principles 

  • Key Evidence Based Self Regulation Techniques 

  • How to establish your own Trauma Informed Yoga Program 

  • Working within a Multidisciplinary team including Psychologists, Medical Professionals and Interpreters to deliver your program 

  • How to evaluate your Trauma Informed Yoga Program 

An hour consultation can be offered anywhere in the world for an investment of $150. Get in touch for more information.